Searching for Beautiful Trees for Sale in Fowlerville, MI?

Find gorgeous deciduous and evergreen trees at our farm

Maybe you're looking for a special tree, like the maple tree that stood on your grandparents' property. Maybe you're wanting to add a few evergreens to your property to improve its appearance. You can find a variety of trees at Mayhew's Tree Farm & Nursery in Fowlerville, MI.

We offer gorgeous deciduous trees, such as maples. Our maple cultivars include:

  • Autumn Blaze
  • Bowhall
  • Crimson King
  • Emerald Lustre
  • Green Mountain
  • Red Sunset
  • Silver Queen

Great Evergreen varieties for windbreak or blocking out that pesky neighbor:

  • Norway Spruce
  • Black Hill Spruce
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Eastern White Pine

Offering a wide selection of trees in Fowlerville, MI

We offer a full range of deciduous and evergreen trees for every season. You can choose from many coniferous and evergreen trees like spruce, pine, hemlock and oak that are beautiful year-round. We have many different varieties of trees, such as:

Acer / Maples
Acer / Japanese Maples
Betula / Birch
Cercis / Redbud
Cornus / Dogwood
Gledista / Honeylocust
Malus / Crabapple
Morus / Weeping Mulberry
Picea / Spruce
Pinus / Pine
Prunus / Plum / Cherry
Pyrus / Ornamental Pear
Quercus / Oak
Salix / Willow
Syringa / Lilac
Tilia / Linden
Tsuga / Hemlock
Fruit Trees

Additional tree varieties available. We also offer special ordering, call for availability and pricing.

All trees are available in their containers as well as B&B.

Cherry trees aren't our only fruit trees. From the delicious Granny Smith and Red Delicious to the tasty Honeycrisp, our apple trees are popular choices. You can also pick from a variety of pear and peach trees.

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