Terms and Conditions

All trees are sold wholesale, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. Mayhew's does offer a warranty, at an additional 25% of the cost of the tree. If purchased, Trees will have a one time tree replacement warranty. This warranty will only cover 50% of the delivery and installation fees. Warranty's are for twelve months from Mayhew's planting the tree. Warrantys are void if damaged at customer's site from pests, drought, winds, weed whacker, fire, human damage, or any other cause beyond our control.

Mayhew's guarantees all stock to be true to name and free of injurious insect and plant disease. We also guarantee the stock has good vigor and is in good living condition.

NSF Fee and Return Fees:
A fee will be assessed on all returned checks for "insufficient funds." There will be a service charge on all returned material (re-stocking fee). There will also be a fee assessed on all credit card refunds.

A deposit is required on all purchases at the time of purchase. Balance due at the time of pick-up or installation.

Quantity Discount:
There are discounts for purchases of multiple quantities of plants.
Discounts only if paid in full at the time of the purchase or pickup. All sizes and varieties of woody ornamental plants / shrubs may be combined for this discount.

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