Integrated Pest Management Program

*MDA Licensed & Approved
*Save all Spruce trees from Rhizosphaera Needle Cast
*Save Oak trees from Oak Wilt
This is a program that runs between May and August specified to not only heal a sick or dying tree, but to maintain the health and vigor of healthy trees. Mayhew's has personnel that are certified pesticide / fungicide applicators.

FB15-pest.jpg 104.7K pest-58.jpg 64.1K FB16-pest.jpg 539.5K FB13-pest.jpg 109.6K

Deep Root Fertilization

To help establish and maintain the healthy vigor of trees and shrubs.

Mosquito Control Service

To help defend your yard against unwanted pests including:
Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, roaches, and many more.
The product we use is a broad Spectrum Insecticide that is Pet and Family Safe with long lasting residual.

Lawn Maintenance

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Brush Hogging

Hourly Charge includes loading, un-landing & travel time.

Smoker Wood

Sold in small chunks or logs to accommodate many smoker stoves. Sold in Cherry, Apple and Hickory.
wood-40.jpg 109.5K wood-41.jpg 151.4K wood-45.jpg 144.3K
wood-43.jpg 82.9K wood-42.jpg 109.1K wood-44.jpg 90.4K
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