Delivery & Services

Tree Delivery Only:
We can arrange for your order to be delivered to your site for a price that includes loading, un-loading and travel time. The cost varies on size of material, the number of plants, with or without equipment and the distance it will be traveling. The customer can unload on their end or have us unload.
transplant-58.JPG 66.5K transplant-59.JPG 85.5K
Tree Transplanting:
Trees are dug and replanted at customer's own risk. Mayhew's can not warranty tree transplanting for customers. The customer is responsible for the inspection (if trees are being moved off their property) by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, materials used if needed and to contact Miss Dig for any digging. Tree transplanting costs are for a three hour minimum including two men, loading, unloading and travel time.
transplant-60.JPG 84.6K
Tree Delivery w/ Installation:
The customer must contact Miss Dig at least five business days before any planting cam be done. Tree installation fees vary by size of ball. Tree installation includes digging the hole, mulching in and staking (2 stakes for deciduous, 3 stakes for evergreens). Multiple tree discounts available. Delivery of load is an additional fee.
FB11-project.jpg 132.2K FB09-project.jpg 69.6K FB10-project.jpg 88.7K FB12-project.jpg 101.0K
FB03-project.jpg 153.6K FB08-project.jpg 609.0K
FB04-project.jpg 77.0K FB05-project.jpg 70.5K FB06-project.jpg 63.8K FB07-project.jpg 68.3K

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