Trees Direct From The Farm

Looking to decorate your yard or business? Mayhew's Tree Farm & Nursery can help you! What about Christmas trees? Yes, we have those too! We have a huge selection to choose from and our professionals will help select the right tree for you. We have experience when it comes to trees, so take our advice when we say, "Come to Mayhew's Tree Farm & Nursery!"

At Mayhew's Tree Farm & Nursery, you are sure to find nursery stock for a reasonable price. We offer evergreen trees at wholesale prices and much more. Be sure to check our price lists for a variety of tree and shrub styles. Come see our huge selection today!

Mayhew's Tree Farm & Nursery and Mayhew' Service's, Inc. would like to thank you for your business and support for the last 42 years.

Mayhew's Service's, Inc. was founded in 1974, providing landscaping, snow plowing and window cleaning. Mayhew's is a family owned company, which strives to be the best without compromising quality, while continuing to grow.

Dan and Jim Mayhew started Mayhew's Tree Farm and Nursery in 1989 on their farm in Fowlerville. Planting evergreens and shade trees on over 70 acres took time and patience but they received great pride in the end result. Dan and Jim opened for business in 1996, serving wholesale and retail customers. Their goal was to give customers quality trees and nursery stock that they could count on year after year. Mayhew's also harvests trees from other Michigan tree farmers, and purchases tree stock from as far as Oregon, always keeping the hardiness zone map in greenery product purchasing.

We at Mayhew's look forward to growing with our community and their landscapes.



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